Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You're No Help At All, Mike

My husband stepped on the scale two days ago and saw that he was up to 195lbs. Shhhhh! Don't tell him I told you. Heehee.

So what's the big deal? See, he had bariatric surgery back in June 2005. He went from 380-some lbs to 165lbs. Then his doctor told him to put some weight on. The thing I've noticed about these folks that have had bariatric surgery is that although they lose lots of weight, they always see themselves as "fat".

At 195, Mike is looking as fine as ever but he totally freaked. So, he is trying to get back down to 185 which is where he likes to hover.

I was so totally put out. Why? Because he spent the last 2-3 weeks noshing on candy, cookies, and anything else that he REALLY shouldn't be eating anyway and he gained about 5-10 lbs. If I had done that, I would've gained 25lbs. I had to think about every morsel of food I put into my mouth during the holidays and I STILL gained weight. Ugh.

What did Mike do? He clamped down and has already gone 2 days with no extra sugar. He's already lost a few pounds! But the thing is, he goes to work and holes up in his office or plays cribbage in the smoke shack...he can hide from the sweets. Then he comes home and GLOATS!

Well, maybe he really wasn't gloating and I was just feeling guilty because we had a basket full of dark chocolate and peppermint Hershey's Kisses and Riley and I were snitching those all day. Then at dinner I made 2 steaks and hotdogs, brown rice and mac n' cheese. I figured Mike and I would share the T-bone, the 2 older boys would split the other steak and the 2 younger LOVE hotdogs with mac n'cheese. Oh, no! Mike slaps that T-bone on my plate and he shares the smaller steak with Mikey! I was so not happy. And you know what? I ate that T-bone. And I didn't have anything else to eat the rest of the night.

See, that's what Mike does. He decides to lose weight and derails my efforts! I ask him to split and he doubles my portion. Oh, it's just not fair. And I have a weakness for a good steak. I admit that.

All that said, he did help me out by taking all those Kisses and a bag of cherry mini Muskateers to work. He's gonna dump them at Out-Patient. The clients will LOVE him! Hee hee.

Ok...Look forward to info and my goals revisited for 101 in 1001 later. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. I gotta compile my goals.

PS. I've actually had two stress free days concerning the kids. I've been trying not to butt heads with Mikey so much. We are too much alike. But I don't have and never had his mouth. I've also been trying harder to say "yes". Do any of you find yourself saying "no" to your kids without really thinking about what they are asking for? Sometimes it's as simple as asking to get a game out and I say "no" without taking a moment and realizing it would really be OK. Or I say "no" because it's a hassle. So what? So I gotta get up off my butt for a few and do something, or I gotta put up with a friend over. So what? Anyway....I'm working on that.

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