Friday, January 30, 2009

Today I'm the Turtle--slow but sure.

Ok...I've been neglecting my blogging lately. It seemed too much a chore this past week. Ever feel like that?

I weighed in on Monday. Still no change but as of Wednesday I had dropped a pound to 173. I didn't measure though. We'll see where I am this coming Monday.

The weather has been so stinkin' cold and I really want to get out and use my snow shoes. Mike laughed at me last night and said if I waited for warmer weather I'd be standing in mud puddles, tryin' to figure out how the snow shoes work. Hahaha! So funny. But he has a point. I hate to be cold. I love to shovel and sled and ski and snow shoe and make snowmen. But I hate to be cold. Too bad you can't do those things in 60* weather. Bummer, eh?

But really, -14* is a bit TOO cold! And that's before the windchill. Brrrrr!

It is warming up though. I might actually go outside later if it gets in the teens (above 0*, thank you!).

My neighbor asked if I'd want to walk with her occasionally. I would love to. Especially since it's her dogs that caused me to stop walking in the first place. She had 2 big rottweilers and they ran at me across the yard when I was out walking in the wee hours of the morning about 2-3 yrs ago. I was SO scared. Big dogs scare me. I started screaming and finally her husband looked out the window and called them off. I was so scared and embarrassed that I cried all the way home. Really! And I haven't walked that way since. I have rode my bike, but even then I go REALLY, REALLY fast past their house. *sheepish grin*

Now that you are laughing at my expense, I'm gonna go get another cup of coffee.

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