Monday, January 19, 2009

Up-date and Weigh-in

There is no change from last week with the weigh or measurements. Really. It is the same. But that is a good thing because my husband took me out to eat twice and I bought Subway during an in-service on Friday. And I don't always go for the healthiest thing on the menu. I had a salad at Quiznos. But then I had a Big Mac meal at McD's the next day. I got the new Buffalo Chicken sub on Friday. Oops. Just had a bad week I guess. Then we had cupcakes Saturday to celebrate Eli's birthday with some friends. I really need to just swear off cake totally. I did it with pop. I could do it. If I wanted to.

I am a person who likes to be challenged. So I am entering a challenge hosted by the company I work for. We are doing a Biggest Loser Challenge. (self explanatory) But they are also doing a Biggest Winner Challenge which is about learning healthy life-styles. And you have to do weekly assignments. So I'm all into that. I'm actually doing both challenges. And for $5 you get enrolled in the Challenges and you get a free membership to the Wellness Center (gym) during the duration of the challenge. Awesome! Wish me luck and weight loss!

Coming up......(in the next week probably, I'm not promising you anything!)
A Before Picture. I only think it's fair. =)


  1. yep a before pic would be fair . lol You really did do good with all that eating out!

  2. how fun! i would love to do a biggest loser challenge! (well, not now...but maybe in the!)