Monday, January 12, 2009

Holdin' Me Accountable

Ok, all y'all! Here's the deal. I love to get into the swing of things. Workin' out, losing weight, gettin' my life ship-shape. But I could just come on here every so often and say, "oh, my, I'm doing great!" And y'all wouldn't know the difference. So, instead I'm gonna go past my comfort zone on this one and keep my progress right up front where you can all hold me accountable. See, if I know I gotta weigh in, total my intake, record my activities, I'm gonna do so much better. Hope it doesn't all bore you to tears and that maybe, my progress will get some of you motivated (not that anyone beyond this here chick needs motivation) to start on your own goals. Yeah, something like that. no laughing and don't pick on me either. Or I'll go hide in my closet and chew my finger nails. Which, by the way, was a bad habit of mine when I was a little girl. Know what cured me? Having beautiful nails while I was pregnant. I always hated cutting them the night before I'd go in for the deliveries (c-sections...nothing spontaneous about it).

Anyway. Here are my specs up-to-date:
January 3: 177 lbs; waist-39 1/4; hips-42 1/2
January 11: 174 lbs; waist-38 3/4 ; hips-42 1/2

PS...I don't go strictly by the scale. #1. My hubby is always adjusting it. So if I don't catch it before stepping on it can totally derail my confidence. #2. Dropping a skirt size is a much more realistic show of losing the "weight".

I do want to point out that I cheat. I do the Slim-fast thing. No, not strictly. But if I'm not gonna have time for a real breakfast or lunch, I have a Slim-fast because if I go without, I starve and get these horrendous stomach aches which then cause me to eat everything in sight, hoping that something will appease the angry stomach gods. Or something like that.

Other than that, I do yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. I stay away from cold cereals for the most part because I tend to overeat. "Just a little bit more...." You know. I've also cut out the after dinner grazing. I tend to head for the fridge and pantry right after the kids go to bed but I've done really good this week. The only after-hours snack I had was popcorn and most of it burned so yuck...not craving it now. Instead, I grab a glass of sugar-free lemonade and a book and I ensconce myself in my cozy bed and there I stay. Safe.

Unless Mike gets the munchies and brings them to bed. But that hasn't happened yet.

So, I'm on to a good start. Keep me going. Ok? Thanks.


  1. You are doing well! Keep it up!!! And maybe once this baby stops inundating me with brownie cravings (what IS her problem???) I'll join you!

  2. Oh Goodie! Please do....I need all the moral support I can get. Mike certainly doesn't help. He's back on his snackfood binges! Oh, to have the metabolism of a hummingbird! Eh?

    Do you fulfill those cravings? I'm jealous. I want a brownie!