Friday, January 30, 2009

Today I'm the Turtle--slow but sure.

Ok...I've been neglecting my blogging lately. It seemed too much a chore this past week. Ever feel like that?

I weighed in on Monday. Still no change but as of Wednesday I had dropped a pound to 173. I didn't measure though. We'll see where I am this coming Monday.

The weather has been so stinkin' cold and I really want to get out and use my snow shoes. Mike laughed at me last night and said if I waited for warmer weather I'd be standing in mud puddles, tryin' to figure out how the snow shoes work. Hahaha! So funny. But he has a point. I hate to be cold. I love to shovel and sled and ski and snow shoe and make snowmen. But I hate to be cold. Too bad you can't do those things in 60* weather. Bummer, eh?

But really, -14* is a bit TOO cold! And that's before the windchill. Brrrrr!

It is warming up though. I might actually go outside later if it gets in the teens (above 0*, thank you!).

My neighbor asked if I'd want to walk with her occasionally. I would love to. Especially since it's her dogs that caused me to stop walking in the first place. She had 2 big rottweilers and they ran at me across the yard when I was out walking in the wee hours of the morning about 2-3 yrs ago. I was SO scared. Big dogs scare me. I started screaming and finally her husband looked out the window and called them off. I was so scared and embarrassed that I cried all the way home. Really! And I haven't walked that way since. I have rode my bike, but even then I go REALLY, REALLY fast past their house. *sheepish grin*

Now that you are laughing at my expense, I'm gonna go get another cup of coffee.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Up-date and Weigh-in

There is no change from last week with the weigh or measurements. Really. It is the same. But that is a good thing because my husband took me out to eat twice and I bought Subway during an in-service on Friday. And I don't always go for the healthiest thing on the menu. I had a salad at Quiznos. But then I had a Big Mac meal at McD's the next day. I got the new Buffalo Chicken sub on Friday. Oops. Just had a bad week I guess. Then we had cupcakes Saturday to celebrate Eli's birthday with some friends. I really need to just swear off cake totally. I did it with pop. I could do it. If I wanted to.

I am a person who likes to be challenged. So I am entering a challenge hosted by the company I work for. We are doing a Biggest Loser Challenge. (self explanatory) But they are also doing a Biggest Winner Challenge which is about learning healthy life-styles. And you have to do weekly assignments. So I'm all into that. I'm actually doing both challenges. And for $5 you get enrolled in the Challenges and you get a free membership to the Wellness Center (gym) during the duration of the challenge. Awesome! Wish me luck and weight loss!

Coming up......(in the next week probably, I'm not promising you anything!)
A Before Picture. I only think it's fair. =)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Holdin' Me Accountable

Ok, all y'all! Here's the deal. I love to get into the swing of things. Workin' out, losing weight, gettin' my life ship-shape. But I could just come on here every so often and say, "oh, my, I'm doing great!" And y'all wouldn't know the difference. So, instead I'm gonna go past my comfort zone on this one and keep my progress right up front where you can all hold me accountable. See, if I know I gotta weigh in, total my intake, record my activities, I'm gonna do so much better. Hope it doesn't all bore you to tears and that maybe, my progress will get some of you motivated (not that anyone beyond this here chick needs motivation) to start on your own goals. Yeah, something like that. no laughing and don't pick on me either. Or I'll go hide in my closet and chew my finger nails. Which, by the way, was a bad habit of mine when I was a little girl. Know what cured me? Having beautiful nails while I was pregnant. I always hated cutting them the night before I'd go in for the deliveries (c-sections...nothing spontaneous about it).

Anyway. Here are my specs up-to-date:
January 3: 177 lbs; waist-39 1/4; hips-42 1/2
January 11: 174 lbs; waist-38 3/4 ; hips-42 1/2

PS...I don't go strictly by the scale. #1. My hubby is always adjusting it. So if I don't catch it before stepping on it can totally derail my confidence. #2. Dropping a skirt size is a much more realistic show of losing the "weight".

I do want to point out that I cheat. I do the Slim-fast thing. No, not strictly. But if I'm not gonna have time for a real breakfast or lunch, I have a Slim-fast because if I go without, I starve and get these horrendous stomach aches which then cause me to eat everything in sight, hoping that something will appease the angry stomach gods. Or something like that.

Other than that, I do yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. I stay away from cold cereals for the most part because I tend to overeat. "Just a little bit more...." You know. I've also cut out the after dinner grazing. I tend to head for the fridge and pantry right after the kids go to bed but I've done really good this week. The only after-hours snack I had was popcorn and most of it burned so yuck...not craving it now. Instead, I grab a glass of sugar-free lemonade and a book and I ensconce myself in my cozy bed and there I stay. Safe.

Unless Mike gets the munchies and brings them to bed. But that hasn't happened yet.

So, I'm on to a good start. Keep me going. Ok? Thanks.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You're No Help At All, Mike

My husband stepped on the scale two days ago and saw that he was up to 195lbs. Shhhhh! Don't tell him I told you. Heehee.

So what's the big deal? See, he had bariatric surgery back in June 2005. He went from 380-some lbs to 165lbs. Then his doctor told him to put some weight on. The thing I've noticed about these folks that have had bariatric surgery is that although they lose lots of weight, they always see themselves as "fat".

At 195, Mike is looking as fine as ever but he totally freaked. So, he is trying to get back down to 185 which is where he likes to hover.

I was so totally put out. Why? Because he spent the last 2-3 weeks noshing on candy, cookies, and anything else that he REALLY shouldn't be eating anyway and he gained about 5-10 lbs. If I had done that, I would've gained 25lbs. I had to think about every morsel of food I put into my mouth during the holidays and I STILL gained weight. Ugh.

What did Mike do? He clamped down and has already gone 2 days with no extra sugar. He's already lost a few pounds! But the thing is, he goes to work and holes up in his office or plays cribbage in the smoke shack...he can hide from the sweets. Then he comes home and GLOATS!

Well, maybe he really wasn't gloating and I was just feeling guilty because we had a basket full of dark chocolate and peppermint Hershey's Kisses and Riley and I were snitching those all day. Then at dinner I made 2 steaks and hotdogs, brown rice and mac n' cheese. I figured Mike and I would share the T-bone, the 2 older boys would split the other steak and the 2 younger LOVE hotdogs with mac n'cheese. Oh, no! Mike slaps that T-bone on my plate and he shares the smaller steak with Mikey! I was so not happy. And you know what? I ate that T-bone. And I didn't have anything else to eat the rest of the night.

See, that's what Mike does. He decides to lose weight and derails my efforts! I ask him to split and he doubles my portion. Oh, it's just not fair. And I have a weakness for a good steak. I admit that.

All that said, he did help me out by taking all those Kisses and a bag of cherry mini Muskateers to work. He's gonna dump them at Out-Patient. The clients will LOVE him! Hee hee.

Ok...Look forward to info and my goals revisited for 101 in 1001 later. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. I gotta compile my goals.

PS. I've actually had two stress free days concerning the kids. I've been trying not to butt heads with Mikey so much. We are too much alike. But I don't have and never had his mouth. I've also been trying harder to say "yes". Do any of you find yourself saying "no" to your kids without really thinking about what they are asking for? Sometimes it's as simple as asking to get a game out and I say "no" without taking a moment and realizing it would really be OK. Or I say "no" because it's a hassle. So what? So I gotta get up off my butt for a few and do something, or I gotta put up with a friend over. So what? Anyway....I'm working on that.

101 in 1001

(This is not set in stone yet. I'm still working on it but I said I'd be posting them; so here are my 101 goals. I appreciate any comments or advice you'd all like to dish so keep it coming!)

Here's my mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

Here's my timeline:
February 1, 2009 - October 30, 2011

Here's my Goals:

Samara's Goals
1. Lose 25 lbs and keep it off.

2. Exercise everyday, Monday-Saturday. Sunday is a day of rest.

3. Snowshoe 6 times December-February (or 2 times a month). (0/16 times)

4. Jumprope 1 time a week. (0/143 times)

5. Ride bike 1 time a week. (0/ 143 bike rides)

6. Lift weights 3 times a week. (0/ times, 0/143 weeks)

7. No eating after 8 pm. (0/1001 days)

8. Make dentist appointment for wisdom teeth.

9. Make/keep yearly doctor appointment. (0/ made, 0/ kept)

10. Take shot of apple cider vinegar daily. (0/1001 shots)

For fun:
11. Design my dream home.

12. Have family pictures taken by Kimberli.

13. Write a children's book.

14. Do a craft show.

15. Learn how to drive a 4wheeler.

16. Plant an oak tree.

17. Plant an apple tree.

18. Plant a silver or red maple tree.

19. Paint 2 oil paintings.

20. Go on a picnic 6 times. (0/6 picnics)

21. Take boys to a hockey game.

Being money smart:
22. Start a savings for a family trip to Hawaii.

23. Save $250 for Family Camp before June of each year. (0/$750 saved)

24. No new soaps or lotions until mine are used up. (0/ used)

25. Paint all slate and sell. (0/ slates)

26. Pay off GBP credit card.

27. Use material on hand for crafts to sell.

28. Make 1 card per week to utilize the stamps and paper that I've bought. (0/143 cards)

29. Sell 25 books. (0/25 books)

30. No new clothes for 1 year. (0/365 days)

31. Update 101 in 1001 blog weekly.

Purchases to make:
32. Buy swimming pool.

33. Buy kayak.

34. Buy and plant 3 lilac bushes. (0/3 lilacs)

35. Buy and plant 3 burning bushes (0/3 bushes)

Experience and Explore:
36. Go to concert at Rozsa Center

37. Go to play at Calumet Theatre.

38. Visit Porcupine Mountains.

39. Practice clarinet 1 time a week. (0/143 weeks)

40. Rent a cottage on a beach.

41. Camp out in the middle of nowhere.

42. Ride a horse.

43. Learn how to use riding lawn mower.

44. Go to Isle Royale.

45. Go on Pictured Rocks tour.

Practicing Moderation:
46. One day a month of no books besides Bible reading. (0/33 months)

47. One day a month no computer. (0/33 months)

48. Get library card for Baraga Library and visit once a month. (0 card, 0/33 months)

49. Read 25 new authors. (0/25 authors)

50. Enroll at Finlandia or Gogebic for nursing classes.

52. Try 2 new recipes each month. (0/66 recipes)

Spiritual life:
53. Read Bible daily. (0/1001 days)

54. Pray daily besides devotions with kids. (0/1001 prayers)

55. Memorize 100 scriptures. (0/100)

56. Read through Bible completely. (0/66 books)

Being a good mom:
57. Take boys blueberry picking.

58. Teach boys to fold sort, start and fold laundry. (0/4 boys)

59. Start a scrapbook for the boys and do one page a month. (0 scrapbook 0/33 pages)

60. Teach Riley to count to 100.

61. Teach Riley to read.

62. Teach Riley to add and subtract.

63. Cook with kids 2 times a month. (0/66 times)

64. Do a craft with kids 1 time a month. (0/33 crafts)

65. Bring kids to Burger King or something similar 1 time a month after church. (0/33 treats)

66. Put boys to bed with a positive attitude. (0/1001 nights)

67. Read bedtime stories 3 times a week. (0/ 429 stories)

68. Allow kids to have a friend over at least 2 times a month. (0/66 friends)

69. Spend 1-on-1 time with each boy once a month. (0/4boys, 0/33 months)

Being a good wife:
70. Read 3 books with Mike. (0/3 books)

71. Give Mike a massage of his choice 1 time a week. (0/143 massages)

72. Go on date with Mike once a month. (0/33 dates)

Being a good friend and family member:
73. Get Daphne's poems hardbound.

74. Visit McCoy family.

75. Visit Colbert family.

76. Bring cookies/treats to 10 of my neighbors. (0/10 neighbors)

77. Send flowers to someone.

78. Have friends over for dinner or games 1 time a month. (0/33 months)

79. Have a family game night 2 times a month. (0/66 game nights)

80. Call out-of-area friends once a month. (0/33 friends)

81. Call my family one time a week. (0/143 phone calls)

82. Visit an old friend from high school.

83. Send one handwritten card/letter a week. (0/143 letters)

Being faithful:
84. Give at least $100 a year to Marquette church. (0/$300)

85. Give $150 a year to Mother's Memorial. (0/$450)

86. Have Children's Church program ready 1 week in advance. (0/33 months)

87. Have Sunday School lesson done before Saturday. (0/143 weeks)

88. Have Secret Sister gift ready 3 days in advance. (0/33 gifts)

89. Send a weekly note to Secret Sister. (0/143 weeks)

90. Keep my weekly fast day. (0/143 weeks)

Being a keeper at home:
91. Reorganize the pantry.

92. Cut back Raspberry and Blackberry bushes every fall. (0/3 times)

93. Make and can strawberry and plum jam.

94. Can pickles.

95. Make pasties.

96. Swap file cabinets before April 30, 2009.

97. Make bed daily. (0/1001)

98. Dust whole house once a month. (0/33 months)

99. Sort and organize all photos.

100. Clean ceilings once a year. (0/3 cleanings)

101. Completely clean and organize back addition.

51. Mend/fix/finish everything in my sewing pile.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I know you've all been waiting patiently for me to add something or anything to this blog. Well, I've been lots more busy than I anticipated when I said I'd be back on the 2nd. So, please, bear with me.

Good news is that I've already lost a bit of weight. Hooray! But it's not been fun, cuz I've been sick. There's been a stomach bug going round and I think I got hit by it. My brother-in-law and my hubby's aunt have both been sick and we saw them over the holidays. So, I'm not saying it's their fault but ya know.... The thing that stinks is that when I get sick I get nauseated and my stomach hurts and I get headaches and I'm so exhausted I can barely smile. But I don't throw up. I know, thanks for the update. But really, I don't. I can't tell you the last time I did. And sometimes I pray that I will, because you know sometimes it's the only way you get relief from the nausea. Well, so far God hasn't seen fit to allow me that relief. I go on.

I have been working on portion control. One trick that we have learned works and we occasionally put it into practice is using smaller plates. I know people that have these HUGE platters for plates and they get used to filling them up. Well, we can fill our plates as well...there's just lots less calories there. Last night I made a pretty rich dinner. But Mike and I both had very small servings (my stomach was on fire and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to eat at all). We were able to have seconds and leave the table feeling satisfied but not full.

I've also been working on how I relate to Mike and the boys. Have you heard that scripture, "A soft answer turneth away wrath"? Well, it works. Really. When you concentrate on how you give an answer and you use a moderated tone and check the sarcasm and attitude at the door you will find yourself a lot more at ease during a confrontation with your spouse, children, coworker or anyone else you get into confrontations with. Don't expect it to calm the other person(s) down. You're supposed to be changing yourself, not others. Remember that point.

So that is my half-baked update. I hope to get on a better schedule in the coming weeks...oh, I'm laughing! You should see my calendar. Still, I'm gonna try.